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wolfblood dark moon


→ to move, ↑ jump, ↓ squat, Space change role


wolfblood dark moon

Category: Adventure Size:8.27MB Tags: Wolfblood

How To Start

Loaded click new game, then select the role click next, then click on the play level to start the game.

wolfblood dark moon Intro

The game tells two Wolfblood struggle struggling in the blood and to the outside world as a wolf hide their secret double life, 14-year-old Maddy liked their abilities: enhanced senses, extraordinary speed, more robust and elegant body, but she does not like the ability to bring all sorts of secrets, which brought her troubles. Control two main characters in the game world of adventure, this game TV adaptation of the same name, like you can also watch TV.

Note: The game is loaded to 75% of the time will be slow, please be patient



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