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twin shot 2


[Player 1]: [A] [D] movement. [W] jump. [F] / [G] shooting. [P] suspended. [Player 2]: [←] [→] to move. [↑] jump. [Space] / [Ctrl] shooting.


twin shot 2

Category: Two Player Size:3.13 MB Tags: Two Player Hacked

How To Start

After loading the game click PLAY CLICK TO START click and then select the single / double mode, then click PLAY and then select the level 1, and then click on skip to start the game.

twin shot 2 Intro

Fat Cat Angel 2Hacked, characters invincible. Fat Cat Angel 2 also integrated MochiCoins (Mochiads virtual currency), players can purchase additional points, even two pairs of arrows skin. Nitrome recommendation is just a set of action and shooting as one of the adventure game, before the introduction of the double arrow and is very similar, but the gameplay is quite different. The player controls the game cute fat cats use their bows to deal with the various levels of the monster to take risks, in addition to the use of force, the players also need to use their brains in order to achieve victory, while the arrow shot out can also be used as their props In addition, and a double arrow, as players can play two people at the same time.


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