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[I] to open the engine, [↑] accelerated, [↓] deceleration, [←] [→] to control the flight angle, [Space] shift, [G] away \ down pulley, [F] switch engine mode, [E] use of fire extinguishers (purchased after the upgrade there), [Z] to start high-speed turbine (caution), [M] voice, [P] suspended.



Category: Driving Size:5.71 MB

How To Start

Click NEW GAME, always click CONTINUE, press I start the engine, then press and hold to accelerate key, adjust the direction of a successful start to the aircraft.

tu-46 Intro

TU-46 flight, this is a very realistic airplane game, and the difficulty is quite large, need to explore a lot of time to become familiar with its operation, believe it will lead to the crash. In order to better driving, we recommend caution that turbo acceleration, because it is difficult to control. The figure represents the upper left corner from the airport under a distance, when arriving at the airport for 0:00 that, this time to accurately and safely docked aircraft where the job to try it!


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