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toy defense


[Mouse Left] mouse click and drag the bottom right of the soldiers / fort into the right position, click on the top right of the triangle button to start to meet the enemy.


toy defense

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How To Start

Game is loaded click play - and then select the difficulty, click √ to confirm - then click on First Blood - one to start the game and then click on the checkpoint.

toy defense Intro

Toy Soldiers Tower Defense Hacked, increase purchase money. Under strong offensive money, you can make crazy soldiers, arranged the most rigorous defense, another powerful enemy, but also rushed coming! Toy Soldiers Tower Defense Hacked, a soldier with a variety of toys as a theme tower defense game, you have to arrange your toy soldiers in the right position to resist the enemy's invasion, you can become a qualified ability commander of it? Do not give up any chance to get a victory, oh! Top right of [fast-forward button] to speed up the game speed, click the fort can be repaired and sold, after clearance scalable fort. Rational arrangement of toy soldiers and forts, successfully destroyed all enemies!


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