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tower of the sorcerer


[↑ ↓ ← →] move around, [Space] to trigger the fight / dialogue / pick something / View / skip text [A] Charge battle [C] to see the monster information [Q] Archive / read file / quit fighting [R ] add [F] rapid transfer of [G] help.


tower of the sorcerer

Category: Adventure Size:3.76 MB Tags: Magic Towers Solitaire

How To Start

After the game finished loading click [Play] - and then continuously press the spacebar to start the game

tower of the sorcerer Intro

Magic Towers Solitaire: Magic Towers Solitaire Classes game, adding a lot of new elements, more playable. Game background is mainly about a monster occupies a king's castle, and took away the king's daughter, in order to rescue the king's daughter, to bring weapons armor hero, into the monster's lair Magic Towers Solitaire, behind the story is the hero rescued beauty, has become a monster or a hero lunch, let us see the outcome in the game now!


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