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the last stand union city


[Mouse Left]: mouse; [WASD]: move; [Shift]: run; [F]: turn on the lights; [R]: loading; [E]: Explore / dialogue; [C]: property; [ B]: goods; [J]: task; [G]: throw the gun / help;


the last stand union city

Category´╝Ü RPG Size:21.7 MB Tags: Zombie

How To Start

After the game is loaded click [take you] - then click [New Story] - then click on EMPTY - and then select the game mode - and then set up your personal information - and then click [Finish] - Finally, click on the arrow in the lower right corner to start the game

the last stand union city Intro

Chinese version of the final battle RPG: The Last Battle RPG, also known as the Battle of the last joint of the city, after the game finished facilitate the game, I hope you like this game is a RPG version of the final battle, and no longer the defensive shooting, while RPG is to create a new model, adds character to upgrade weapons and equipment, attribute point distribution, NPC together, explore maps and other RPG elements, so you play a refreshing! Game is set in a city surrounded by Zombie, the protagonist is one of the few survivors, and now he has to rely on their own strength to find a variety of equipment and companions, in order to survive a Zombie attack at any time, if in case large quantities of Zombie, hard hitting is unreasonable, you can temporarily escape and ran to the house trying to find help. The style of the game relatively dark, deliberately creating an atmosphere of repression and terror, tension will portray Zombie siege well, like Zombie game with friends do not miss this fine Oh! Special Note: Some players browser will appear as shown in the following figure the game open the case, select "No" to the normal game!


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