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super fighters


Operation menu page: [↑ ↓ ← →] to move the cursor, [Space] to confirm the selection. Player 1: [↑ ↓ ← →] to move \ jump \ crouch, [N] melee attack, [M] target shooting, [Dot1] throwing grenades, [Dot2] using deceleration props. Player 2: [WASD] to move \ jump \ crouch, [1] a melee attack, [2] to aim and shoot, [3] throwing grenades, [4] deceleration props.


super fighters

Category: Two Player Size:2.9 MB Tags: Two Player Pixel

How To Start

Click PLAY, always start the game press the spacebar to select mode.

super fighters Intro

Hackers warrior games, have a very competitive and fun of the game, we have to play soldier hackers using melee combat, long-range shooting, props, and other means to aid the opponent to beat. Game set a lot of objects, such as barrels of gasoline, high-rise, etc., these are the factors that will affect the terrain to fight. In addition the game also supports Two Player mode, you can also let the computer figure plus two players competing against together, survive to the final for the winner. The game screen is Pixel-style, although not perfect, but the sound is very good, what are you waiting for, quickly and friends under a high bar!


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