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super drift 3D


[←] [→] to control the turn; [↑] [↓] forward and back; [Space] to jump


super drift 3D

Category: Racing Size:7.66 MB Tags: 3D

How To Start

Click to continue, select mode arcade (similar to the normal mode), time trials (time mode), select the map, and then choose the car, and then select the difficulty (on the left is a simple model, the right is a professional model)

super drift 3D Intro

3D Super Racing is a super exciting 3D racing game. The game has a variety of racing styles to choose from, more than one 3D screen and beautiful maps let you choose. Favorite racing friends can not miss this game, oh, is a combination of speed and passion, come under challenge your speed limit now! You can beat opponents expert it? Only later tried to know.


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