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super bomb bugs


Single control: [WASD] character control; [Space] to throw bombs / use of props; [M] throwing bombs Double control: [Player 1] [WASD] character control; [C] throwing bombs / use of props; [V] to throw bombs; [Player 2] [↑ ↓ ← →] character control; [Dot1] throwing bombs / use of props; [Dot2] throw bombs;


super bomb bugs

Category: Two Player Size:7.48MB Tags: Two Player

How To Start

After waiting game is loaded click PLAY-NORMAL-PLAY (press 2 to enter the double mode) to start the game

super bomb bugs Intro

Super Bomb ants off election edition: modify the content, press the number 1 key to the next checkpoint; scoundrel stole your baby, wherever they have to recapture; game you have to go through four different areas, collecting gems on the way protect yourself, use bombs to destroy the hands of the bad guys, find hidden treasure inside the artifact through the use of a more sinister zone, and finally security summit. But you have to bear in mind that, after the bomb exploded, the environment will change every time, if you find such a trap rolling gear, to spare no effort to get rid of.


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