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stick figure badminton 2


Single mode: [A] [D] to control movement; [W] jump; [Space] hitting double mode: [Player 1]: [A] [D] to control movement; [W] jump; [S] batting [Player 2]: [←] [→] to control movement; [↑] jump; [↓] batting


stick figure badminton 2

Category: Two Player Size:3.23 MB Tags: Two Player Stickman

How To Start

Click play, select mode 2player (double mode), click start (default single player mode), start selecting clicked figures, click on start, to start the game

stick figure badminton 2 Intro

Stickman badminton entered a critical moment, every fans are shouting for their favorite players, come together to experience the fun of it under badminton! See if you can beat all opponents. An agile sports games --Stickman badminton 2. The game also supports oh Two Player mode, you can play against your friends.


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