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shopaholic new york


Mouse operation [left mouse button]. Select a MM, and set name and age began. Click on the streets into a store, buy items by shopping cart. If you are working in the store, just follow the instructions to start work. Push icon to figure dress, take pictures, and view daily challenges. You can switch the character to the right of the portraits, I remember a day to remember a planned shopping oh.


shopaholic new york

Category´╝Ü Dress up Size:6.96 MB

How To Start

Click on the top right corner to select Chinese language, according to a new game begins.

shopaholic new york Intro

MM Shopaholic came to New York, in this fashion metropolis, a variety of shops, everything, you can earn money in many places, and different from the past is that this game added a clothing designer shops, you can customize your own costume . But also often have a store discount promotions, etc., we must learn to seize the opportunity to save money. How to plan now to try overhead, how to make money shopping, how to MM were dressed for it.


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