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shoot m


[A]: the use of hand; [S] before a weapon; [D]: After a weapon;


shoot m

Category´╝Ü Violence Size:1.68 MB Tags: Stickman Hacked

How To Start

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shoot m Intro

Modified version of mad child Stickman Games: Want to know what it modifies the game! Then you do not come to try! Stickman mad child want it, and do not spend any money you can have all the weapons! Then what are you waiting for! Game modify all items 1 $ upgrade; this game to do really good, play it you will feel very vent, if you encounter any unhappy thing puzzled air, took the Stickman to Vent, severely hit something! After you have played the whole body refreshed. Note Well, Stickman is not that good bully you, oh, he will not stop dodging, blocking, but you can put him in the corner, hum ~


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