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sasquatch survivor


[↑ ↓ ← →] / [WASD] to move. [Left mouse] clicks, the use of props.


sasquatch survivor

Category: Adventure Size:9.38 MB Tags: monster

How To Start

Click start and then click on the Play button, and then click to select the level, you can enter the game.

sasquatch survivor Intro

Pass through the snow monster big game. Words, a lonely strange snow in the winter awoke to find after a storm, it's moved to the warm southern tribes, the snow so strange friends embark on journey to find the tribe. Very playable pass through an adventure game, operability is very strong, welcome to the challenge. Tips: during the game, when prompted, your inventory using the mouse to drag the top of the screen props, props each has its own role, to use a reasonable allocation of Oh! Click on the right side of your inventory items after use of the tick icon to continue the game.


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