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riddle school 5


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riddle school 5

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How To Start

Click the main menu, click on play game, click on any of the complete story dialogue, to start the game

riddle school 5 Intro

Yo West! Finally the fifth truancy crazy friends - Crazy truancy 5. This series is ideal for test your logical thinking ability and keen observation. Fifth story on the front four story continues the next. Because they are very much like truancy, but as a teacher can not relent in the face of such students would severely teachings. Now they are each being held in a room, in addition to the hero, but a few other students were hypnotized, the outside is also wrapped in a layer of electromagnetic waves, you find a way to rescue them and bring them to escape from the school. I hope you have enough brain cells Oh, I have been fast enough, come on! Tips: First off coin found under the bed, and then in the sewer entrance door next to the screw removed (click on the coin, and then click Remove screws), emptied after three (do not forget to put the screws also take away), remove the railings, click on the arrow to flee. The next secret that we work together to find it! Hey!


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