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red storm 2


Shooting. [↑ ↓ ← →] / [WASD] to control movement, [left mouse button]


red storm 2

Category: Shooting Size:5.93 MB Tags: Hacked

How To Start

Click "Start."

red storm 2 Intro

Modified version of Red Storm 2: Click the top left corner of the game screen Money can increase money, plus 10,000 each. Exp can increase experience points, plus 10,000 each. Point HP can be blood, each fill. The Red Storm 2 Survival is a top shooter game, the game continues the story line of a Red Storm, adding the levels and map mode, adding a survival challenge mode optimizes picture and animation. In the second generation we will be playing a role in the incarnation of Mars robot, in order to protect their own invasion of the Russian military bases in the base, so the fighting began, a powerful war machine in the complex base map to start. Many points of the game, with strategic upgrades, challenging difficulty. The game comes with more than language, attention beneath the flag icon in the menu screen, select CN icon to replace the game language is Chinese.


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