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quantum patrol 2


[←] [→] to move, [↑] jump, [↓] squat / defense, [X] shooting, [E] to switch weapons, [R] reload.


quantum patrol 2

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How To Start

Click PLAY, click SKIP, select the checkpoint, click on START to start the game.

quantum patrol 2 Intro

hacked quantum patrol 2 unlimited gold

The second part of the series, the new map level, mode of operation easier. Game you need to control a quantum robot, ride transports arrive points, after destroying the enemy and return transport clearance. Robots are beginning to have a two weapons, one is a machine gun, one is a howitzer, howitzer should be noted that although there are big lethality, but also to their own deep-fried, so be careful Oh! After the game, collected enough money, you can buy upgrades to strengthen, the robot will become more and more powerful!



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