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priest movie game


[↑ ↓ ← →] to move, [A] kicking, [S] weapon attack, [W] special attacks (on cooldown), [D] combos (in play multi-stage attacks after the screen prompts "D" is available ).


priest movie game

Category: Fighting Size:23.5 MB Tags: Zombie 3D

How To Start

After selecting loaded 2D or 3D mode, select the role and click Begin game, click PLAY, click Begin your battle to start the game.

priest movie game Intro

Father is a sacred profession, they are not allowed to manage regional appear evil creatures, or they will eradicate them at all costs! This is a very beautiful picture of a fighting game, there are male and female to choose from, your enemies are all kinds of Zombie and demons, the use of continuous attacks, completely get rid of these enemies now! After clearance can choose an upgraded weapon to attack more sharp!


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