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[↑ ↓ ← →] to move, [Space] interaction, [Enter] to enter / exit the main menu, [left mouse button] Click perform various operations.



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How To Start

Click PLAY to enter the game, and then click PLAY, select NEW GAME, click CLICK TO CONTINUE start the game.

pokemon Intro

Pokemon is a Japanese Game Freak representatives Satoshi Tajiri was developed in 1995, Japan's Nintendo Co. launched in 1996, a Game Boy (Nintendo handheld) game. The name comes from the Roman word in Japanese abbreviation "Pocket Monsters" (referred to as PM) (Mon pocket su center have, Poketto Monsutā). Its unique game system widely welcomed by the public, the annual sales volume of nearly million. Take this momentum to launch a series of follow-up games, comics, books, cards and peripheral products and Versus annual theatrical animated movies, and expand to the rest of the world. Up to now, the game is already the fifth generation, has recently also become a Hollywood remake of the movie, like Pokemon friends take a little wisdom and experience the spirit of adventure of his pet it.


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