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pocket fighter nova 0.7


1P: [WASD] moves, [J] boxing, [K] feet, [L] special keys; 2P: [↑ ↓ ← →] to move, [1] boxing, [2] feet, [3] special keys (123 are the numeric keypad).


pocket fighter nova 0.7

Category: Fighting Size:7.12 MB Tags: Two Player

How To Start

Click "Start Game", click "OK" and then click "Start Game" selection mode, choose the difficulty, and then select the character to get started.

pocket fighter nova 0.7 Intro

Pocket fighters NOVA0.7 version, adding a new role American Cat Mother - Felicia, adding new scenes - dynamic bar, subsequent versions will add more roles. Although this is a fake pocket fighter arcade games, however, the game itself is unusually cute character design, very Q is very cute. Coupled with gorgeous moves, funny action to support Two Player fighting game, so the game is very fun. Other skills Description: Impossible Impossible combos fist fist fist feet feet feet fist Impossible gem effect: ruby ​​red attack power increase, while adding energy is divided into three grades and yellow topaz attack power, while adding energy is divided into three grades plus blue sapphire attack, while adding energy into three grades of diamonds plus all attack, while adding energy, divided into three grades so that the other fire fireball feet + special keys (far) ← + feet + special keys (near ) ↓ + feet + special keys (next)


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