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ninja panda coupie


[Player 1] [←] [→] to move; [↑] jump; [Space] to select / start / next level; [R] replayability; [P] Pause; [Player 2] [A] [D] movement; [W] jump;


ninja panda coupie

Category: Two Player Size:4.29MB Tags: Two Player Ninja

How To Start

Single Game: Click PLAY - Press the spacebar twice to start the game Double Game: Click PLAY - Press the spacebar - and then press Enter to start the game

ninja panda coupie Intro

Ninja Kung Fu Panda: Legends of the Mayan prophecy is coming, the future will be like? Is the end or a new era? Kung Fu Panda partner to deal with the coming end of the world, they are looking for the next dawn, they believe that the future of the good old days or still exist, let us follow them together to find a new world!


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