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nazi zombies


[W] jump, [A] [D] movement, [S] hold it open the safe, [left mouse button] mouse to aim, shoot left.


nazi zombies

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How To Start

Select the archive location, click PLAY to start the game.

nazi zombies Intro

Bloody Nazi Zombie, World War II, but there are a large number of the enemy's military intelligence headquarters in hiding in the safe, now you broke into the man, going to open the safe recapture intelligence, never expect that the enemy had deserted base the sudden appearance of a large number of Zombie, is a variation of those enemy dead, and quickly destroy them right, otherwise his life would explain here! Goal of the game is very simple, it is to kill invading Zombie, while holding down the next safe S, such as the progress bar to open 100% safe to enter the next map. Clearance tips: pre weapon is a small pistol, far to the edge, Zombie will play three or four dead, so while jumping while shooting, can be very effective to avoid injuries. When accumulated enough money on the bottom of the screen, click on the button to buy powerful weapons shop, then Zombie Massacre easy it is!


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