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mortal kombat karnace


Move around: [←] [→], jump squats: [↑] [↓], fist: [A], Defense: [S], kicks: [D]


mortal kombat karnace

Category: Fighting Size:3.82 MB

How To Start

Click play, click the single player, then select arcade mode (with a computer), practice mode (practice mode), select the role after entering the select screen, then choose the difficulty (easy easy, normal ordinary, hard difficulty, insane crazy), then click on novice Click on press here to continue to start the game

mortal kombat karnace Intro

This is an arcade game, real fighting, very violent. Have played "97" "Street Fighter" and other Classic game you can try the next game, more and more violent than the bloody Anime. If you are a master, then come the challenges of it! (Because it is a trial version so Two Player mode yet opened)


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