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maya adventure


Boy: → control direction, ↑ jump, Space / ↓ pick up or throw props, L to crack the code, K bombs (the enemy did not hurt, can build roads in the directions box); the little girl: A D control the direction of movement, W jump, G to crack the code, F < / span> bombs (causing heavy losses to the enemy).


maya adventure

Category: Adventure Size:3.85MB Tags: Two Player

How To Start

Game is loaded click on PLAY, then click the Play button, continue to click on the bottom right of the game fast-forward button to skip the game introduction, and finally click Level 1 to start the game.

maya adventure Intro

This is a very interesting adventure game. Game, archaeologists in an accident was kidnapped Maya tribe, in which case the archaeologist's daughter decided to rescue her father. So she found her friend to help, two people decided to go to dangerous Mayan tribes. What kind of rescue road danger? Let's take a look at it!


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