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mass mayhem 3


[↑ ↓ ← →] to control movement \ jump \ adjust bazooka direction, [Space] to enter the transmit mode, press again to launch rockets, but also to detonate his bomb.


mass mayhem 3

Category: Violence Size:6.22 MB

How To Start

After loading click on the bottom right corner PLAY GAME into the game, setting the character after reading the story to start the game, starting with teaching points, we can familiarize yourself with how to operate, then go challenge the regular levels.

mass mayhem 3 Intro

Crazy third series of terrorist attacks, adding a new level. This works even more exciting than the previous one, you can even adjust the appearance of your character, and the ability to upgrade weapons and equipment. This is a different type of game you want to play a terrorist to attack humans, not only the rocket attacks, you can even use the legend of the suicide bombers, rushed into the crowd, "boom" is heard detonate bombs, flew cross-flesh fly ...... so this game a little violent and bloody, the students have to choose carefully, oh.


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