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loot the game


[WASD] or [↑ ↓ ← →] to control the elephants to move and jump, jump twice in a row can double jump, [left mouse button] to aim and shoot.


loot the game

Category: Shooting Size:1.88 MB

How To Start

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loot the game Intro

Elephant train robbery, this elephant is not very familiar? For you, it is the other end of the silent elephant once, now it stem from the train robbery activities, loaded with all kinds of equipment with a high-speed train, train elephants attack, so the equipment falling constantly armed themselves, Its goal is to destroy 100 cars, it is simply too crazy! The fun of this game is to continuously attack the train, and then pick up dropped equipment to strengthen the elephant, the effect of different types of weapons are not the same attack, which fancy equipment, put it onto the bar equipment can be friends, you can also place to spare parcel, for more trains to break it!


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Just give up at train car 33... just GIVE UP

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