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kingdom rush frontiers


[Mouse Left] key mouse click on the map to select the type of construction of the turret turret (available for sale), ready to click the lower right corner of the skull start fighting. Click on the icon on the left side of the monster monster can view the properties, click on the roads of the skull icon allows early next wave of enemies to click on the bottom left corner of the icon can be lit using the skills to attack the enemy, [1] the use of a meteor attack, [2] call reinforcements, [3] to select a hero, [Space] to deselect, [P] suspended.


kingdom rush frontiers

Category: Strategy Size:56MB Tags: Fantasy Knight

How To Start

Game is loaded click on PLAY - and then click on START - then click on NEW GAME - then select the difficulty - and then click on the marker below the START HERE - after clicking TO BATTLE - then click on the screen - and finally click SKIP THIS to start the game.

kingdom rush frontiers Intro

The world's most exciting most addictive tower defense game is back! Welcome to the Royal Guard troops to the front! Royal Flash version frontline troops guarding the whole truth restore mobile client version, beautifully Flash version not only improves the picture can be ornamental, as well as a stronger operability. This version does not use the Royal Army named two guards, but the name of the Royal Guard military front, which means not only from the background story, tower defense equipment and monster illustrations are a brand new game, its essence to its dregs, Frontline generation version of the four basic lessons tower (tower, turrets, towers and barracks magic) setting out the upgrade may change more than 20 kinds of towers, more new eight kinds of special tower. The new map brings a new enemy, desert, tribal groups, nomadic areas, marine and ground Lost City resident has different enemies (evil spirits, giants, witches, desert god, etc.) as well as the powerful Boss, 9 brand new Heroes will also ride in battle with soldiers hacked! --------------------- I stay Meng dividing line -------------------- Technology Upgrade Introduction (UPGRADES item): Heroes Description: The first hero initially available, the second hero in the fourth off unlocked, the third in the seventh off hero unlock the remaining six hero must use the online archive can Armorgames unlocked. You can also click on the link directly below the royal guard play frontline military heroes full version of Oh! Click here to play ------------------ & gt; & gt; ★★ Royal Guard Army frontline heroes full version ★★


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