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justin bieber saw game


[Left mouse] clicks


justin bieber saw game

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How To Start

Click start, click skip intro skip intro, you can start the game

justin bieber saw game Intro

Justin also adventure it! He woke up this morning suddenly found himself in a strange house, there is a TV with a clown mask characters, Justin told his girlfriend did not catch it. Now you have to help him to find the clues, solve the mystery step by step. A very good Room Escape games, make a return to Detective Conan it! Note: The second room is a spider, you have to find a bucket of glue in the first room in the past (in short, could get the whole room took, hehe), and the spider will fight countdown, use glue to stick the spiders . The third room, you need an umbrella, you can use an umbrella when people open their eyes to sleep. Other clues you need to explore their own strategy!


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