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hunt or die


[Left mouse button] Click archery; [mouse slide] control archery direction; [←] [→] or [A] [D] to control the direction of movement; [W] or [↑] or [Space] to jump


hunt or die

Category: Shooting Size:1.63 MB Tags: Pixel

How To Start

Click play game, click on the new game, to start the game

hunt or die Intro

Unrestrained male hunting, an archery hunting small game. A wretched man was through to the ancient times, found himself bare, blushed when he woke up, very depressed. Look around but no one, hands only bows and arrows, in order to survive, he had to go hunting, if the energy of the upper left corner is empty, then you hang up, come on! Note that there are tigers, lions, oh what.


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