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[Player 1]: [←] [→] to move around; [↑] [↓] down stairs; [Q] + [↑] [↓] ladder [Player 2]: [←] [→] to move around; [↑ ] [↓] down stairs; [Space] + [↑] [↓] ladder Tip: To join two players press the number [2] key;



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How To Start

After waiting game is loaded click on the game screen to start the game

flightless Intro

Thieves Penguin: Penguin king in the country to have a few people know the secret, that is, within an underground ruins buried many rare treasures; however, this secret was eventually found two thieves, and they intend to go in the deep underground ruins steal the treasure, but they never thought perilous palace, various organs and hidden tomb guardian monster waiting for them too!


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