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fairway solitaire


[Mouse Left] mouse clicks.


fairway solitaire

Category´╝Ü Board Size:6.69 MB

How To Start

Click PLAY, select the level to start the game.

fairway solitaire Intro

Fancy Poker Solitaire, a great poker solitaire game, the game excellent picture quality, simple and fun gameplay, more super multi-levels and the emergence of additional events, makes the whole game more playable. Rules of the game is very simple, it is the middle of the bottom of the screen according to poker, with a mouse click, and the size of its neighbor to the Solitaire card (such as the following card is 6, you can point the top five to Solitaire, Solitaire can point to 7), The ultimate goal is to put all the cards all connected. If there are no cards can be connected, you can click the flop to be replaced with new cards, once all the opportunity for a license has been used up, the game will end a game. To challenge yourself, you want to connect all the cards, the difficulty is still getting bigger Oh!


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