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double bros


[W] [↑] jump, hold it can jump higher, [S] [↓] squat, [D] [→] fired bullets, [Space] to pause the game.


double bros

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How To Start

Click PLAY, select the level to start the game.

double bros Intro

Brothers forward, a duck and a big fat pier became a good brother, and they travel together, work together to overcome obstacles on the road toward the end of the advance. This is a Two Player can play both, but also can be a single person bent on dual game, the game is divided into top and bottom of the screen, each corresponding to a role, you need to do is control them jump, crouch, firing bullets and destroy the enemy, reach the end clearance. If you feel that a person is very difficult to control two characters, you may wish to call on friends good brothers together to challenge it!


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