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clear vision 5


[Mouse Left] click to shoot; [mouse slide] sliding control shooting direction and aim; [R] loading


clear vision 5

Category´╝Ü Shooting Size:15.3 MB Tags: Stickman

How To Start

Click the new game, click on the bottom right corner skip until it disappears, click the arrow to the right of the door, click on the arrow to the right, click on the entrance floor of the newspaper, click accept, to start the game

clear vision 5 Intro

Hey! You are my destiny once again in control, if you can have a miracle happen? Stickman games --Stickman- a sniper assassination visual 5. Fifth in the new story, the story missions do not make you feel like a sniper experience, like sniper game Stickman friends Come and fight together! Come on!


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crashes when trying to go to door after second mission

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