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castle spa


[Mouse Left] mouse. After the guests, follow the prompts to the top of its head, and drag it to the appropriate costumes facilities, and then came up services, such as face mask according to the guests needs, choose his favorite, foot also need a separate operation, according to apply is complete, Oh, there are extra points. Upon completion of all services, guests will to checkout, click the checkout cashier staff to complete. Each level within the stipulated time to reach a turnover GOAL shown to cross the border. Press continue to continue, after clearance can upgrade facilities, hire staff and buy some beauty products, these beauty products on the shelves waiting area, when guests just let it come in you can click to buy, oh.


castle spa

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How To Start

Press play, enter the name of the player press OK, and select points entering the game, click on the story skips, skip skip the instructions to start the game.

castle spa Intro

Very luxurious castle SPA clubs Well, there is not only an elegant environment, but very complete SPA services, mask, foot, body, sauna, massage, etc., there are more than staff, and now this love luxury castle SPA club to you you, you have no confidence in their business was getting better? So that every guest satisfaction, but the most basic requirements oh.


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