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berzerk battle


[←] [→] or [A] [D] to control the robot to move, [↑] or [W] jump, [↓] or [S] squat, [left mouse button] mouse control aim and shoot, [R] installed bullets, [Space] to switch weapons, [P] suspended. Key combinations: [→] [→] / [←] [←] or [D] [D] / [A] [A] sprint distance, [↑] [↑] / [W] [W] Sec jump , [↓] [↓] / [S] [S] Jump lower.


berzerk battle

Category: Soldier Size:16.32 MB Tags: Gun

How To Start

Game is loaded click on PLAY - click BUILD - then click on the island - and then click PLAY to start the game twice.

berzerk battle Intro

Ginko soldiers, Legions wantonly build base on the planet, ready to attack humans, in order to guard the peace of mankind, Ginko soldier was designed specifically to deal with the demons lurking around the world, as a brave, warrior together quickly and Ginko guard human right! To destroy every enemy! This is a very good quality section of the game, the game is very difficult and challenging, you must control Ginko fighters cautiously forward, if the impulse is surrounded by the enemy, to face a tough battle, oh!


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