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bad icecream


One person playing: 1P: [WASD] to move, [Q] spit ice; when the two play: 1P: [WASD] to move, [Q] spit ice; 2P: [↑ ↓ ← →] to move, [Space] spit ice . Spit in front of the ice can break the ice cubes.


bad icecream

Category: Two Player Size:3.08MB Tags: Two Player Pixel

How To Start

Click CLICK TO PLAY, click PLAY, select the number of games (1PLAYER is a single person, 2PLAYERS is double), choose your favorite ice cream colors, select the digital points to start the game. Click CONTINUE to skip the game instructions.

bad icecream Intro

Ice cream villain 3: 3 ice cream villain before Christmas ushered in a major version update, adding six colors of ice cream. Pixel style picture is, as always, but the sophistication of people praise, music also has a game with FC general sense of passion blood. This even joined the Two Player game mode, so you can work together and pass a good friend. Nitrome Wonderful, waiting for you to unveil what are you waiting for, act now! You need to control the bad guys steal ice cream eaten all the fruit, but the enemy will stop you, do not be afraid to use your spit ice stopped them, if you have a block of ice, you will also be able to break it with the ability to spit ice . When you eat all the fruit off card, you can enter the next level up.


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