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avengers skrull takedown


[Player 1]: [Click the left mouse button and slide]: mouse, click on the attack [Player 2]: [WASD]: character control [Space]: Attack


avengers skrull takedown

Category´╝Ü Two Player Size:2.3 MB Tags: Two Player Zombie Pixel

How To Start

Click PLAY- choose single / double game - select the game difficulty - Select points - choose the role - to start the game

avengers skrull takedown Intro

Vampire Wars Avenger Zombie: Zombie Legion sudden surge of deadly threat to the planet, there is no one single super hero could withstand. Is committed to protecting the safety of long-term global S.H.I.E.L.D. (SHIELD) by surprise, its commander, "the one-eyed man" led many superheroes begin to eliminate these bloodthirsty Zombie!


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