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armor mayhem chronicles


[Mouse Left] mouse control aim and shoot (or long press), [WASD] control character movement, [R] loading bullets, hold down [Shift] with [A] [D] can buildup, press [Space] put Slow, numeric keys [0] - [9] to switch weapons, [Q] before switching to a weapon, [F] points standings, [Esc] suspended.


armor mayhem chronicles

Category: Shooting Size:23.1 MB Tags: Gun

How To Start

Click PLAY, click SKIP, click the select file, click on confirm, click RESUME, click PLAY, select the level to start the game.

armor mayhem chronicles Intro

Chaos armor 2, beta version after several revisions and strengthened, and now chaos armor 2 official version finally successful on-line friends! Our side to four combatants, quality is more sophisticated appearance, adding to the battlefield tasks and achievements reached after additional incentives. Click on the menu page HEADQUARTERS can buy equipment, adjust color and other operations. This is a very exciting shootout money fighting game scene there are many weapons can be picked up, with the bounce plate can make the character jump higher, and the blood back to the blood unit can control your character, trying to kill more enemies!


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