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abuba the alien


[Left mouse] clicks


abuba the alien

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How To Start

Click play game, click the play button, click on the middle bottom of the play button to start the game

abuba the alien Intro

An alien spaceship passing through the Earth's little monster when suddenly no petrol (gasoline prices in recent years, it is estimated that the consumption a bit difficult, hehe). After the spacecraft crashed in the garden, a small city in the homes of family, although he successfully bailed out before the ship crashed, but in the fall when they were caught in the branches to come help look at him! Use your inscrutable wisdom that to rescue the little Alien, hey! Come on! Tips: The first hurdle, click on the lower left corner of the trash, take out the trash from the wire, and then click on the far right of the door, after unlocking, click inside the props, and then click trapped Alien Flanagan branches, security After clicking Alien landing clearance. Let us go and little Alien adventure! Come on!


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