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a snail story


[Mouse Left] mouse clicks, [↑] [↓] to move up or down the screen.


a snail story

Category: Room Escape Size:7.31 MB

How To Start

Click PLAY, click SKIP to start the game.

a snail story Intro

A snail on the roof ran into another beautiful snail, he fell in love deeply, in order to win the goodwill of beautiful snail, he decided to adopt the most beautiful flower of flowers to her. But unfortunately just happened in his flowers when the branches break, he dropped down from the tree, not coincidentally fell from cracks in the roof of the house at the bottom, you now need to help the poor snail weight back to the roof, to find a true love. A fun game closet, the picture is very beautiful, to pay attention to find all useful clues to help the snail slowly climb Oh!


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