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Yan Loong Legend 2:Enh!


[Player 1] [WASD] to move, [J] attack, [K] jump, [U] Qigong, [I] dodge, [O] Pause / skill panel. [Player 2] [↑ ↓ ← →] to move, [1] attack [2] jump, [4] Qigong, [5] dodge, [6] 6 Pause / skill panel.


Yan Loong Legend 2:Enh!

Category: Two Player Size:11.6 MB Tags: Two Player Hacked

How To Start

Select game mode (single or double) Once loaded, click on the "new open game", select the difficulty, choose the character and press the attack button (1P for the J key, 2P for keypad number keys 1) OK, press any key to skip After the story to start the game.

Yan Loong Legend 2:Enh! Intro

Yan Lung Legend 2 Enhanced Edition Hacked, ultra-fast upgrade, 99 lives, straightforward battle! This is Yan Long legend 2: enhanced version of the impact of the three players alone continuously press the attack button to automatically form combos, along with the player's skills constantly acquisition, combos will be automatically adjusted accordingly. Ordinary looked after the attack hit the enemy continued to press the attack button to automatically continue the additional role of skills; slash the enemy after sprint continue pressing the attack button combos can also automatically. Yan Lung Legend series has been very popular with everyone welcome, this modified version allows players to easily pass all, come try it!


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