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X Speed Race 2


[↑ ↓ ← →] to control movement, [Space] brakes, [V] key to switch perspective, [B] key to open / close the perspective of the window, [R] button to reset the car, [O] key to open the Options box, [M] key to return to the menu


X Speed Race 2

Category: Racing Size:19.4MB Tags: 3D

How To Start

Select auto loading is complete, press Enter, and then select the level to start the game

X Speed Race 2 Intro

A very good 3D racing game, the second part of the series, has brought a new racing scene, and added more new car, make the game more interesting, cool 3D effects, passionate racing speed, like racing game with friends not to miss. Game, sports car racing contest highway passion started again, Come choose your favorite car, then drove at high speed speeding to the finish line the fastest and win the race!


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