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X Speed Race


[↑ ↓ ← →] to control movement, [Space] brakes, [V] key to switch perspective, [B] key to open / close the perspective of the window, [R] button to reset the car, [O] key to open the Options box, [M] key to return to the menu


X Speed Race

Category: Racing Size:16.1MB Tags: 3D

How To Start

Select car finished loading press Enter, and then select the level to start the game

X Speed Race Intro

A very good 3D racing game. Game, the player with the opponent to be held on a passion for high-speed sports car racing competition, choose your favorite car, then drove at high speed on speeding, with the fastest speed to the finish line to win the race; cool 3D effect, passionate racing speed, racing games like friends do not miss, oh!


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