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Vampire Kitten


[Mouse Left] kicked after releasing the left mouse button click on kittens, click to activate lightning during flight or special skills.


Vampire Kitten

Category: Violence Size:2.16 MB Tags: Zombie

How To Start

Click PLAY to start the game.

Vampire Kitten Intro

Usually this game than the distance are the type spoof, this is no exception. The protagonist is a Zombie kitten, you need to save it, and fled farther the better. On the road, the ground on favorable and unfavorable kitten props point, you can try to reach more favorable character props, so the kitten flew farther and farther. As for what is good and what is bad, think about the kittens Zombie identity is not difficult to judge. But also can make kittens launch special skills to use Lightning pulled to avoid unfavorable locations. The game is funny enough, especially piercing a kitten "meow" when. The only regret is that the game has a BUG, ​​after occasionally stuck out a foot to kick does not go out, then please refresh the page again game.


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