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Urban Warfare 3


[WASD] to move [left mouse button] hold down and drag to adjust the viewing angle, [Space] shots, [1] [2] [3] for weapons, [E] to jump, [R] filled bullet


Urban Warfare 3

Category´╝Ü CS Size:7.07 MB Tags: 3D Gun

How To Start

PLAY to start the game.

Urban Warfare 3 Intro

The House of Flying Daggers CS 3, this time you appear in the secret terrorist enclave, surrounded by the enemy might appear at any time. You must be desperate, destroy all enemies, this is your mission! FLASH edition of CS game be fine to do this, the complex route, ghostly enemy, daggers, pistols, bombs initial three-piece weapons, how to put on a wonderful headshots or melee battle depends on your operating the .


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