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Tomb Sibling


[Player 1]: [A] [D] to move around; [W] jump; [S] attack / door; [Player 2]: [←] [→] to move around; [↑] + [←] [→] defensive move; [↓] defense / door;


Tomb Sibling

Category: Two Player Size:3.68 MB

How To Start

Wait to start the game after the game is loaded click START-START TEH GAME select points

Tomb Sibling Intro

Grave robbers off election edition: points to unlock, to freely choose the off! A pair of siblings they are excellent Tomb, they both complement each other, steal a lot of treasures in the tomb, they are a legendary Tomb community, this time it was found that they had never found a tomb, tombs very dangerous, you need to cooperate with each other before the two can go through the trap, but fortunately, the two are not the first collaboration, you see they successfully complete the task Tomb! Can you successfully complete the task like them too!


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