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Test Subject Arena 2


[Player 1]: [A] [D] to control movement, [W] jump, [S] squat, [Q] to open the player a selection mode / attack [Player 2]: [←] [→] to control movement, [↑] jump, [↓] squat? Player 2 select mode is turned on / attack [Mouse Left] / [Space] to confirm / select Map


Test Subject Arena 2

Category: Education Size:4.34MB Tags: Two Player Pixel

How To Start

Loading is complete click the play button to select single or double, and then select the character, click the arrow to start the game

Test Subject Arena 2 Intro

Pixel pass through a very interesting game, this version offers eight individual objects as well as 20 maps in these figures, we like to have a lovely blue potion, characters, etc. as well as BOSS, players can choose, like the magical blue potion series Do not miss the children's shoes, and quickly, and friends together to PK it!


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