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Swords & Souls


Mouse LeftMouseWASD/↑↓←→Control Attack Direction1~6Skills


Swords & Souls

Category: RPG Size:8.19MB Tags: Upgrades

How To Start

Game loaded,click 'Play' twice then click 'New Game'.Enter name and click OK.

Swords & Souls Intro

"Swords & Souls " is a fantastic RPG game。 In the game , you need to hone to make themselves more skillful sword , each swordsman pursuit of life is to be able to cultivate the soul of swordsman , but only if efforts the practice is in vain , and must opportune itself has a strong ability to be able to achieve the highest level , and now the swordsman want to adventure through continuous practice, he was able to succeed? If it fails, do not give up , through rehearsals, we went to the game to find the answer !


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