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Supercar Road Trip 2


[↑] [↓] / [W] [S] acceleration and deceleration [←] [→] / [A] [D] to control the direction of [R] and start again


Supercar Road Trip 2

Category: Racing Size:5.82MB

How To Start

Click [play] - [play game] - [select levels 1] - [Select car] into the game

Supercar Road Trip 2 Intro

Super Speed ​​2 hurricane, the second part of the game. Racing drivers from around the world will come to the top speed on a road race is about to begin, and now the other players have been doing the warm-up car ready to start the game, you can also quickly change their attitude entries now! Remember that you can hit the blue arrow to accelerate oh then be careful not to hit a stone, or a roadside poles! Otherwise you'll explode! & Nbsp;


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