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Super Drift 2


[↑] [↓] acceleration / deceleration; [←] [→] to control the direction; [Shift] drift; [P] Pause


Super Drift 2

Category: Racing Size:8.12MB Tags: 3D

How To Start

Game is loaded click continue - then click arcade - then continue clicking next - and then select the difficulty to start the game

Super Drift 2 Intro

3D Super Drift 2, very Classic racing game, 3D version, make you cool earthshaking, the game has game mode and time mode, come experience it! "Initial D" I believe we are not a little strange, Anime hero Takumi Fujiwara superb driving skills really envy others, his car AE86 is every fan wants to have, now let small brother completed We desire to enter the game, to experience the excitement and fun of it drift!


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