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Strike Of War


left mouse button left mouse button to shoot, A D and move around, < span class = "direction_up"> ↑ jump, ↓ squat, 1 2 3 4 5 to switch weapons, Q call support, F pick up weapons, G grenade, R added bullet, Z dialog box, P pause


Strike Of War

Category: Shooting Size:15.62MB Tags: Gun

How To Start

Game is loaded click apply, then click click here to start, then click on the campaign, then click start, and finally click several times to start the next game

Strike Of War Intro

Special forces soldiers are in the king , the elite of the elite. Each has the ability to work independently of the special forces , special forces of each country are the most valuable resource . Special forces operations are often based on few more wins to complete the task responsibility. This time is no exception , according to reliable sources , a group of terrorists quietly immigrants , they have been found hiding places , special forces will once again be out in force.


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